Not of the Flock EP

by Holiness Church of the Valley

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Recorded and Mixed by Matt Whitson in September 2012
Mastered by Anderson Cook -

HCOTV is Chandlar, Kevin, and Garrett


released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Holiness Church of the Valley Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Light of God
I can feel it engulf me.
Feel the cold replace the empty spaces.
Come down with me and embrace the cold and the gray.
Clasp our hands together and pray. “Hail Mary!”
If I reject the light of God, I reject the light of day.
Track Name: Bandages I
Does it linger around in your head?
Memories like echoed high heel footsteps
on a marble tiled floor.
Does it haunt you alone in your bed?
Are you shutting this all out?
Are you shutting it all out?
Do you feel it?
Does it feel like growing old?
Does it feel like falling down?
I'll take my bandage off, and heal my wounds with salt.
Track Name: Burial Ground
Lifeless and empty.
I want to be in the ground.
I want to be left alone.
Know where I'll go.
Know where I'll be.
Nowhere I'll go.
Nowhere I'll be.
Track Name: Plea to the Father
Heal this calloused broken heart.
Track Name: The Golden Gate
Scars from a cauterized wound that never seemed to heal.
Every room dimly lit, every face erased.
But on the way down I noticed...
I noticed that I'm not living anymore.
So put the bullet in my head, or put the noose around my neck.